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4-CEC Crystals a synthetic stimulant  that is also a new research chemical with similar effect to 4-CMC, is listed as, a Cathinone. Cathinone is also known as benzoylethanamine, which makes it very similar to methcathinone, cathine, and other amphetamines that are known to create a stimulant effect. Cathinones help in releasing dopamine while slowing the re-uptake of serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine into the central nervous system. Except for the complicated formula name 4-cec (4-cpc) does not have any disadvantages according to the scientists who worked to improve and transform the legal powder,The duration of 4-cec (4-cpc) effects can last from 6 till 10 hours. 4-cec is one of our hot sale products, because it’s in high purity and very low price.

Properties of 4-CEC

Name: 4-ECE (Crystal)

CAS: 777666-01-2

Formula: C11H14ClND

IUPAC name: 1-(4-Chloro-phenyl)-2-ethylamino-propan-1-one

Molecular weight: 211.08

Compound purity: > 99.7%

Appearance: Crystals

Usage: For research purpose

Storage: Kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Payment method: Western Union and MoneyGram,Bitcoin,Private Account.

Packaging: Aluminum foil bag or customized.

Shipping: Fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS, UPS and so on.

Free samples can be available?

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